Denver wedding inspiration // Chatfield Botanic Gardens

Re-runs make me feel warm and fuzzy for some reason. Though Seinfeld's style is starting to look old, I still laugh, sometimes uncontrollably, when I watch that show. I hope that re-runs on a Denver wedding photography blog will be similarly warm and fuzzy to those of you who have seen them before. I think it's valuable to see a photographers progression and history, and since we moved our blog to its new home right here, the history of our images was kind of lost, in a way. So, re-runs we will run.

Our first is an inspirational workshop that was held at Chatfield Botanic Gardens. One thing I believe whole-heartedly in is always growing. Thus, I attend workshops and classes each year, and this one happened to be a local gem. It was a great way to just get out and get creative.

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