Boulder Engagement Photography // Megan and Chris

It's Friday, and it's summer here in Colorado.  Life is simultaneously more exhilarating and simple as the days get longer and the seasons shift from growth to "in-full-bloom".  It's a beautiful time for Boulder engagement photos. With light filling the skies for more hours than any other time of year, it's easier to kick our shoes off for a little while in the evenings.  The rat race stills itself, even if for just a moment.  We can grab our books or a bike ride as the sun sets.  Enjoy a summer ale or drink in the presence of those we love.   ...and time seems to linger just a little longer.

As we welcome summer here in Colorado, enjoy the longer days and remember that life is just too short to live it without enjoying it.  Kick off your shoes this weekend.  Breathe deeply.  Slow down and marinate a little.

Enjoy Megan and Chris in their Boulder engagement session.  Enjoy their calm and their smiles in the late day sun.  Their absolute love for one another.  Them!

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