Denver Colorado wedding photojournalist Lori Kennedy

Denver Colorado wedding photojournalist Lori Kennedy

In its simplicity, life is a collection of moments that are fleeting.  I'm a modern nostalgic, and as a small child, I realized that life was far too short.

One day in my early adulthood, I decided to spend my days doing something I loved.  I started capturing moments for a living.

I'm a modern and photojournalistic Denver wedding photographer who serves the metro and mountain communities.  

I wish life were simpler sometimes.  A handshake over dinner is worth more than a contract.

My soul-mate is named Andy and our babies are boxers.  I cherish our family of four every day.

I believe that a life lived simply with love in abundanceis something to strive for.

You only get to capture this time in your life once.

I'm socially conscious, and love others who are, too.

"Let the beauty of what you love be what you do." Rumi